"For over 15 yrs, Chris Thomas and her Pets2Us service have lovingly & responsibly taken care of our pets...cats, dogs & even extended family dogs who may be visiting us....when we have had to be away from home. We value her years of experience caring for pets and know our pets will receive emergency care in our absence, should the need arise. Chris is there, no matter the weather, time of day or special medical needs of elderly pets. We recall one year when residential roads were impassable due to 3 feet of snow! Chris had clients whose pets needed care. She felt such an obligation to her furry charges, that she sought out (and received) assistance from county emergency services to help her get to the homes of those clients! Our pets are relaxed and stress free upon our return home...and we know they have been walked, let out &/or fed because our neighbors tell us that 'Chris seems to really like walking your dogs while you are gone....because we see her out walking them all the time'.We don't know what we would do without Chris..she is a part of our family....and cares for our pets as if they are her own..." 

-- VK & CK

"Chris Thomas took excellent care of our cats for many years.  When one of them became diabetic and needed twice daily insulin injections and also subcutaneous fluids, she did a great job with them.  She is very competent and conscientious. We were able to travel with peace of mind knowing that she would take care of everything. Our cats loved her and would run to the door whenever she arrived. I would highly recommend Chris." 

-- RW

"I first heard of Chris Thomas back in 2002 and have had her care for my beagles when they first adopted me!  I always believed that having a person come to the house as opposed to a kennel or other place because of stress being away from home can be for pets.  I had a lot of trips out of town and when I left, I knew their paws were in good hands!  Chris is great with my dogs and I never leave home without first making a call to have Chris care for them while I am away.  She is a reliable, dedicated, and conscientious person that can spot any difficulties with them.  I highly recommend Chris for your dog sitting needs."

-- SH


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