we were able to travel with peace of mind knowing she would take care of everything.
Chris Thomas took excellent care of our cats for many years.  When one of them became diabetic and needed twice daily insulin injections and also subcutaneous fluids, she did a great job with them.​ READ MORE
For over 15 yrs, Chris Thomas and her Pets2Us service have lovingly & responsibly taken care of our pets...cats, dogs & even extended family dogs who may be visiting us....when we have had to be away from home. READ MORE
chris is there no matter the weather, time of day or special medical needs of elderly pets. 
She cares for our pets as if they were her own!  

Chris is great with my dogs and I never leave home without first making a call to have Chris care for them while I am away. She is a reliable, dedicated and conscientious person. READ MORE

Chris Thomas


Pets 2 Us - Pet Care Services
"I’ve always had a huge love for animals! I grew up with dogs, cats, and horses, and as a kid, I took care of my neighbors' pets, too. Our veterinarians used to call me Dr. Dolittle. 

While my three children were young, I decided to start a petsitting business in order to be home with them and watch them grow up. I succeeded in raising three self-sufficient young adults, and now have five grandkids! 

​My daughter, Heather, works with me, and her young twin daughters tell me they plan to take over my business when they grow up and make it a third generation business!  I have no doubt they will, it’s in their blood.

​I currently have a Newfoundland, a Labrador Retriever, a Boxer and three cats."